Opening Address (Sep. 4, 9 am EDT):

“Public Engagement and the Defense of Democracy before World War II” Deborah Coen (Yale University) [link to bio/statement]

Panel 1: Volunteer Engagement (Sep. 4, 11 am EDT)

Panel 2: Community Engagement (Sep. 5, 1 pm EDT)

Panel 3: Community Perspectives (Sep. 5, 3 pm EDT)

Poster Session (Sep. 11, 10 am EDT) [link to list of posters]

Panel 4: Stakeholder Engagement (Sep. 11, 3 pm EDT)

Panel 5: Demographically Representative Samples (Sep. 11, 7 pm EDT)

Panel 6: Cross Boundary Engagement (Sep. 12, 1 pm EDT)

Closing Remarks: Bruce Lewenstein (Cornell University) (Sep. 12, 3 pm EDT) [link to bio/statement]

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