Poster #9: Roles for Philosophers in Public Engagement with Science

Melissa Jacquart

Video Introduction

[Abstract] On May 13-15, 2020, The University of Cincinnati’s Center for Public Engagement with Science hosted a three-day, NSF funded workshop to bring together philosophers of science and other academics and practitioners who focus on and research public outreach and engagement as it relates to science to discuss four key areas to public engagement: (1) Science communication; (2) Science education; (3) Informal science education and outreach; (4) Scientific work with communities. As an output of this workshop, we are developing four white papers synthesize existing information on public engagement with science and its relationship to philosophy of science that can be used by philosophers of science to conduct better and more informed public engagement. The white papers produced out of this discussion serve as a kind of “beginners guide: how and where to start” document for philosophers of science interested in undertaking the identified kinds of public engagement and as a reference to further dialogue in the discipline. With respect to each of the four topics above, each white paper will aim to address the following:

  1. What do philosophers of science have to contribute to this area of public engagement?
  2. What are some ways in which that contribution be realized?
  3. What resources or discussions in other disciplines already exist on this topic?
  4. What work or research do philosophers need to do public engagement?
  5. What are potential challenges that should be flagged for further research and discussion?

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