Poster Presentations

1: Designing Strategic Stakeholder Engagement through Conversations. Reneé V. Wallace [poster/video]

2: Examining a Community-Engaged Research Approach to Colorectal Cancer Screening Awareness. Andre Bateman, Emily Greeson, Kathleen Lowenstein, et al. [poster/video]

3: Exploring the “Social Gap” in Utility-Scale Solar Energy: A Michigan Case Study. Jessica A. Crawford [poster/video]

4: Improving Effectiveness through a Team-Based Communication Strategy. Leigh Anne Tiffany & John C. Besley [poster/video]

5: Lubrizol: Critical Civic Response to Science Communication. Ty Branch [poster/video]

6: Measuring Epistemic Success of Citizen Science Programmes: A Citation Study in Environmental Sciences. Baptiste Bedessem & Eleonora Montuschi [poster/video]

7: A Novel Mechanism to Support Transformative Model Interrogation in Patient-Oriented Health Economics: the Peer Models Network. Stephanie S. Harvard et al. [poster/video]

8: Participation in a Science Festival Promotes Inclusive Science Communication around Autism Spectrum Disorder. Chris Gunter [poster/video]

9: Roles for Philosophers of Science in of Public Engagement with Science. Melissa Jacquart [poster/video]

10: Scientist Outcomes as Measures of Successful Public Engagement. Kathryn A. Stofer & Kirsten Hecht [poster/video]

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